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Bubble panel

panel-puzirkovaya-12Nothing adorns the interior as the luxurious elements Aqua bubble panel. Acrylic, air and water –the harmony, warmth, calmness and, of course, unique beauty felt in this combination. This element of the interior today is very popular. Water bubble panels of different shapes and dimensions are set in private homes, apartments and public places – shopping malls, offices, cafes, restaurants, bars, hotels, nightclubs, water parks, beauty salons, and exhibition halls. Especially such products harmoniously fit into the interior of the premises, the functioning of which is associated with water, such as bathrooms, kitchens, swimming pools, exhibition halls of the aquariums. The varieties of design solutions allow you to choose the right model for any interior. Water bubble panel can be hung on a wall as a panel, built-in niche, the furniture or the bar. Fantastic look of large-scale design, decorating most of the walls in the room. Using this element, you can make decorative partition, false panels or interior window. This design consults on all hundred percent with the problem of zoning.


Interesting decision is to make  rectangular columns of four panels. The spacious building of the water-bubble composition may occupy the entire wall surface. If there is no space to accommodate a large design, the perfect solution is a compact table or hanging type.  The small water bubble panels can be used as the night lights.

panel-puzirkovaya-3 panel-puzirkovaya-1 panel-puzirkovaya-10

Often bubble panels are installed in the foyer, in the reception area, waiting rooms, rest rooms, rooms for presentations, conference rooms. A huge popular exhibition stands with built-in water-bubble elements. Such products can be in any place where a person could for a moment to stop and admire the wonderful movement of air bubbles.

The wall from the bubbles wall in the pool 

The classic water bubble panel is a flat tank, the walls of which are made of acrylic glass. This material is used to produce long-lasting designs that reliably serve for many years without losing the luster and aesthetic appeal. In addition, acrylic has high impact strength, which is especially important in the interior in the public areas. The end areas closed with a special sealing profile. There is the water or other special liquid between two glasses, through which with varying intensity is a huge number of air bubbles. To create the effect of a slow moving bubble streams are viscous fillers. Design is completely sealed, so periodic replacement of the fluid or cleaning the internal surfaces is not required. The bubbles move along separate channels or in a single cavity between two sheets.

panel-puzirkovaya-11The particles of air vibrate, periodically change the trajectory or moves uniformly. All this action is accompanied by a bright colored led light – static or dynamic. For lighting using led lamps of different colors. Choose the color combination, the intensity of illumination and dynamic pattern using remote control.

Varying shades of lighting, you can achieve both effects: for example, bright red and yellow colors help to cheer up and feel an emotional lift. The movement of air particles in the water column in the rays of the blue backlight makes a great relaxation effect. In more complex models the intensity of light varies under the influence of external influences, for example, to the beat of the music played.

t should be noted that through the use of LEDs the energy consumption during the construction is minimal. The air blown into the system by the compressor, moving through flexible hoses and into the cavity between the acrylic glass through a nozzle. The compressor is often located in the lower or upper part is closed and themed décor made of composite materials. If necessary, the compressor can be placed outside the structures and mounted at some distance from the panel.

The kinds of the water bubbles panels


Monopanel. In this model the space between the two acrylic sheets remains free and indivisible. The bubbles coming from one or more nozzles are moved randomly without having a clearly predetermined path of movement.

The streams of air merge together and form a beautiful turbulent eddies. You can configure the equipment so that nozzles switched on alternately in a certain sequence.


Composite panel. To complicate tracking of bubbles between the two sheets are pasted kind of obstacles - acrylic washers. These elements serve as a separator, through which the picture becomes even more complex. In addition, such partitions increase the design and their use significantly reduces the load on the acrylic glasses. This solution allows to make the panel from the thinner sheets.

Decreases not only the weight of the structure, but also its cost. When working panels of this type the effect of the turbulent flow weakens, but the mechanism of movement of the bubbles is not less interesting and fascinating. During the construction project at the Exotarium in the shopping center "RIO" experts of the company "planet Neptune" produced water bubble panel dimensions 8920х2900 mm of acrylic sheets with thickness of 30 mm.

Honeycomb panels. To ensure that the bubbles are moved according to a strictly predetermined path, used panels, divided into segments. Separation can be accomplished in the different ways. For the formation of broad segments between acrylic sheets are pasted strips-partitions. Make the bubbles moved through narrow "tunnels", a special cell acrylic – double-layer material, separated by longitudinal septa. panel-puzirkovaya-4panel-puzirkovaya-5

Picture of the moving the bubbles in this design more smooth, relaxed, even-tempered, but no less delicious. The air moves at relatively the same speed without turbulence and changing trajectories. Either of the above panels can be adjusted the size of the bubble. In the cavity between the transparent sheets can move a few large or numerous small particles in the air.

The company "Planet of Neptune" makes bubble panels of any complexity. At the design stage, we create a three-dimensional model of the product and type it into the interior of the room in which it will be located.

So the customer gets the opportunity to know in advance how it will look bubble panel and select the optimum placement, shape, size, intensity of illumination.


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