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Floating hotels

What makes people leave the land and settle on the water?  Surely, it's not just the problem of overpopulation of coastal areas. Man in all ages attracted the element of water. People desperately sought a little closer to the water, to dissolve in the purity and pristine beauty of the underwater world. In addition, we must pay tribute to human ingenuity – in our time, the humanity has enormous technological capabilities to conquer the water element. Move on water, we learned long ago and today new era "of the relations" with the aquatic environment. It is likely that in the near future will become the norm – living on the water in a huge floating city. Already made first steps in this direction: around the world created many unusual concepts flooded and underwater hotels of different scales. Talented designers create all new projects floating hotels, complexes and entire cities on the water.

The project of the underwater hotel "SOLAR"

The Italian designer Michele Puzzolante has designed a project of the floating hotel "SOLAR", which is expected to be built in the Maldives. The hotel consists of several rooms, floating on the ocean. At the same time six people can have rest in the two double and one single room, kitchen for cooking, a dining room, a terrace, a small bar and the bridge.

Guests will be able to observe miracles occurring under water – this is a special underwater compartment with a panoramic view at 360 degrees. The complex operates by solar energy. In case of cloudy days is provided by the presence of a powerful electric generators. Main load-bearing structures made of high-strength glass-reinforced - with this material you can create a hermetic objects of complex configuration. Streamlined shape blends perfectly with the water element.

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Floating rooms-catamarans

Another concept almost ready to translate into reality – the hotel rooms-catamarans sailing on the scenic lake. Settled in the room, the tourist can choose which scenery outside the window will be pleasing to him today. The holiday destination can be changed continuously: floating floating hotel is easy and slowly moves on the water surface in any direction.

The main base of the hotel on shore there is a restaurant, two berths and room for events. Moored to the docks a dozen cozy rooms-catamarans, which have all for multi-day Autonomous residence: living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, deck terrace. In each room can accommodate two to four people - perfect for families and couples. Staying in this room, guests will be able not only to enjoy the scenery and clean air, but also active rest: diving, swimming, fishing. Most of the walls are transparent, so tourists can admire the amazing landscapes from the comfort of the rooms. Technology acrylic glazing to create an atmosphere of total immersion in a fascinating natural environment of a picturesque lake.

plavuchie-oteli-10 plavuchie-oteli-12The hotel Manta Resort

The first floating hotel in Africa Manta Resort, which was created by the designed by architects from Switzerland, is located on the island of Pemba, which is part of the Zanzibar archipelago. In this hotel there is only one room, floating through the lush expanses of the Indian ocean. The coastal area of the island is considered one of the best places for diving in the world.

Huge delight for tourists are incredible by the  wild landscapes, coral reefs, crystal clear turquoise water and a huge number of exotic underwater creatures. All this magnificence can be enjoyed when you stay in the room at the Manta Resort. To sail too far on this "island" will not work – it is firmly attached to the ocean floor. The main feature of the underwater room is three floors. On each floor guests can watch various pictures of the surrounding world. Living room is located on the open deck terrace. Here is the tub. Walking up the stairs to the spacious roof, guests can admire the blue skies during the day or count the stars at night.


The floating houses  Floating Seahorse

At the end of 2016 in Dubai it is planned to complete the construction of massive floating complex, consisting of 42 full houses. From a technical point of view these constructs represent the court, but in fact they are designed for permanent residence. The living area of each mansion is 158 square meters. Floating accommodation consists of three levels – two levels are above the waterline, one under water. Below the water level with a bedroom and a bathroom. The walls of these rooms is completely transparent, thanks to the residents of the house will be open around the clock awesome review.

Experience in this setting promises to be stunning. Technology acrylic glazing allows to exploit design with glass walls under water in compliance with all safety standards. In each house there is everything necessary for living – kitchen, dining room, living room, office, mini bar. The house has two outdoor areas – a veranda and a terrace for swimming and diving. The draft of the Floating Seahorse is recognized as one of the most ambitious, bright and promising. It remains only to wait for this grandiose concept will be realized.

Complex floating hotels in Qatar 

Especially for the finals of the world Cup scheduled for 2022, in Doha, capital of Qatar, will be built a unique floating complex to accommodate the many football fans. The complex will include five hotels, several villas and aquapark for 25 thousand people. For the construction of this Grand object will need seven or eight years. Floating facilities will be fully Autonomous, and access to them can be any kind of water transport

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The floating complex Amphibius Resort 


 Italian architects created the concept of floating architectural structures – a hotel complex consisting of residential rooms, office spaces, restaurants and marinas. Eighty rooms, dubbed "jellyfish", is immersed to half its height. These rooms can sail from the shore to the hotel and go to float freely. Each floating island with a diameter of 15 meters can accommodate six people.

plavuchie-oteli-23 plavuchie-oteli-22On four levels there are rooms for a comfortable staying – living room, bedroom, kitchen, terrace, bar, bathrooms. The levels are connected by spiral staircases.

Above waterline structure stands 5.6 metres, the total height of the Medusa - 10 meters. The lower level is a semi-spherical capsule with seats. The surrounding underwater world is illuminated by powerful flood lights twenty – no coral reef, no fish will not go unnoticed in the rays of the bright lighting.

The Central part of the complex is a massive building with a transparent dome-shaped vault. In the future the complex will become the center uniting numerous private floating home.

The floating house Orsos 

The floating house Orsos consists the function of luxury yacht and elite house. The house works on the solar and wind battery- there are 160 meters of ecology and independent clean energy on the roof.  . The project was created by individual order for a private person. The length of the building – 37 meters, the width – 20 meters. According to the project, throughout the house, enough to stay 12 people. Orsos is a "smart" house, all of which are controlled by processes inside a computer system. The project uses the most modern energy-saving technologies. The special equipment allows to filter the waste water and to convert seawater to drinking. The islanders don't have a problem being away from take care of in a reasonable amount of time. On cloudy days floating mansion receives energy from two powerful diesel engines.

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The modern ark


Russian architects have developed a draft of this ark – a floating hotel that is able to stay afloat in a flood. The building is equipped with an Autonomous life support system, similar to a sea shell. Arched elements are parts of a prefabricated modular construction. On the surface of the ark are solar panels, providing the building with energy.

At the top there is a dome for collecting warm air is another alternative power generator. The inner space of the ark is covered with greenery – all kinds of plants are pleased with its fragrance all year round. Space ark have a free plan, so the structure can quickly adapt to any conditions.


The floating island Kokomo Ailand

Floating construction Kokomo Ailand is a cross between a yacht and a submarine. The island can move through water at a speed of 15 kilometers per hour. Part of the floating mansion is located below the waterline. The dimensions of the object is quite impressive - 117х78. m usable floor area - 2,100 square meters. plavuchie-oteli-31

Guests can stay in one of the ten rooms. Six rooms are standard class, four are designed for VIP-persons. To get to the island by yacht or helicopter - it has a heliport and a pier. For owners of a floating home is a luxurious penthouse, located at a height of 80 meters above sea level. For guests equipped with deck-terrace - here you can sunbathe, swim in the pool, walking on a blossoming tropical garden, to admire an artificial waterfall, basking in the SPA. Also available to the guests will be presented with a cinema, dance floor and an outdoor concert hall. Fans of the exotic will enjoy Jacuzzi with a transparent bottom, an underwater restaurant and an underwater Elevator ride for feeding the sharks. The project will be implemented when there is an interested investor.


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The implementation of these projects would be impossible without technology underwater acrylic glazing. Acrylic glass can withstand enormous pressure of water, retains excellent characteristics in permanent operation under water - not tarnished, scratched, covered with greenery. Technology of installation of acrylic panels provides absolute tightness and safety. Acrylic glazing is a wonderful panoramic view, the opportunity to admire the stunning underwater landscapes, dive into the amazing atmosphere of the underwater world. The company "Planet of Neptune" is ready to implement projects of underwater glazing of any complexity.


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