Oceanarium as a part of a shopping mall

Projects, conceptions, advantages and commercial abilities of oceanariums at shopping malls.

Mega-aquarium at a mall_1-01 As the amount of shopping malls is rapidly growing, customers try to choose the most suitable and comfortable place for shopping that is easy to get to, where they can have rest from daily routines, enjoy themselves and have a nice time. Nowadays, the success of a shopping mall in retail real estate market depends not only on professionally developed concepts and careful choosing of renters, but also on cozy atmosphere of the mall, created by the interior, sound effects, illumination and temperature conditions.

Viewing window of an oceanarium at a shopping mall_2-02

The struggle for customers is now defined by the things that were not taken into consideration before: it is how to make staying at the shopping mall comfortable and to win over shoppers’ loyalty, making them want to stay longer at the mall.


Therefore, a so-called “leisure industry” has been actively developed lately. No doubt, amusements attract visitors, that’s why there are new cinemas, bowling-clubs, oceanariums, entertainment complexes for children, billiards and other attractions at the shopping malls. Many European countries tend to peculiar mall enlargement, building not only shopping and entertainment complexes, but also trade and exhibition centers as well as retail and business centers. For instance, the entertainment area of a mall in Europe constitutes 30-40%, in CIS states it is only 8-10%, though this index is growing constantly. Nowadays, many realize that shopping and entertainment are easily combined.  Well thought-out and designed amusements attract considerable steady stream of customers that is of great benefit for any shopping and entertainment center. That is why Planeta Neptuna Company is willing to offer you an original method of leisure industry development in malls: designing and building different types of oceanariums.

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In our age of constantly evolving technology and unique designs, Planeta Neptuna Company is proud to propose interesting projects of oceanariums, mini-oceanariums, aquariums (aquarial groups), mega-aquariums that are likely to become a peculiar feature and advantage of your shopping mall and become profitable, attracting more customers. Planeta Neptuna Company is a co-author and developer of many projects and conceptions in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan, that’s why we are ready to make your most sophisticated ideas a reality. 

So, you have decided to build a shopping and entertainment center by European standards and have an oceanarium or mega-aquarium as a calling card? Then we are pleased to present the construction project of an oceanarium at a shopping mall. The idea is to make the oceanarium “an anchor” - an object that attracts most of the customers. The advertising campaign of a mall can be associated with the oceanarium and become one of the most recognizable at the country level. Such oceanarium should be placed on the first storey or in the basement. Entrance is recommended to be charged. Additional services can be added to the complex: gift shops, photography, diving, excursions, entertaining rides that would show considerable profit as well. It is also appealing that all selling space on the way to the oceanarium costs 3 times more expensive and is 5 times more demanded. Apart from that, buzz marketing will also serve the purpose of advertising the oceanarium. Links in personal profiles (social networks) and pictures of the shopping mall with the oceanarium will help it take the top places in search systems. It is also important that oceanarium as a leisure centre is not much influenced by economic slumps.  Visiting an oceanarium provides beneficial effect upon one’s inner world, gives positive emotions; expositions and shows keep up people’s interest during a long period of time. It results in a success of such projects from the commercial viewpoint. Your oceanarium will attract people, making them customers.

The most illustrative examples are oceanariums in Rio Mall (Moscow), Planeta Neptun (Saint-Petersburg), Aqua-Gallery (Ekaterinburg), CityGrad Shopping Centre (Voronezh).


A mini-oceanarium is also a project of interest to create in a shopping and entertainment center. It differs in size and positioning from the standard oceanariums. The best way to place a mini-oceanarium is as follows: front side faces the hall of a mall, lateral face borders on a VIP Restaurant so that the visitors can enjoy the underwater world or watch Mermaid Show. An oceanarium can also contain a big panoramic window for animal shows and a transparent tunnel so that everyone would feel a visitor in the underwater kingdom.

Viewing window The main aquarium with a tunnel Restaurant windows
 Entrance Oceanarium plan Multiple aquariums

Entrance should be charged to cover expenses of exposition and the main tank upkeep. A room with life-support systems is placed a thу back side. Additional services can be also added to the complex: gift shops, photography, diving, excursions, carrying holidays and standing buffets in underwater world surrounding. Such project together with additional services will guarantee you commercial success.


Aquarium at a mall Mega-aquarium with UFO decoration

When building a shopping mall, motion paths of consumer flow should be taken into account. The area of a complex can represent a straight line for about half a kilometer with boutiques on both sides. Shoppers are supposed to choose the direction themselves, moving around the mall. If they are short of time, they want to shop quickly and effortlessly. If they have time to spare, they want to enjoy it. To please your customers, we are glad to offer you multiple aquariums.

It may consist of three or more aquariums of diferent shapes and size (it depends on your taste and desire). These aquariums can be vertical, horizontal or arched, occupying different areas and floors so that customers would enjoy walking about the complex, shopping and admiring wonders of the underwater world. Aquariums can also represent an aquarial exposition,

either chargeable (for extra income) or free of charge to welcome the shoppers to move about. Mega-aquariums as a part of interior are actively involved into a modern design conception nowadays. They not only help to create the atmosphere of serenity and coziness, but also highlights the status of the place. No doubt, aquariums provide a positive effect on the image of any mall, cafe, restaurant or office, making it special. It is impossible to ignore such a delightful exotic part of interior. As practice shows, such aqua-systems are very appealing for visitors, giving zest to a shopping mall’s interior and making it more attractive and unique. The popular Dubai Mall became famous mostly due to the biggest world’s aquarium. It was opened in November, 2008 and turned into a calling card of Dubai. There is another great example of marketing ploy in AB Baltic Mall Aquarium, Lithuania. Constructing an aquarium there was aimed at attracting customers and creating its unique respectable image. The main place of interest of Marocco Mall, Casablanca, is a mega-aquarium that was named "Aquadream”.

Aquarium at a mallAquarium in the hall of a shopping mallAquarium in the hall of a shopping mall

Constructing mega-aquariums in malls, hotels and restaurants has also been in demand in the territory of CIS lately. Similar projects has been realized or are being completed in following cities: Kyiv (Ocean Plaza Mall), Kharkov (Karavan Mall), Moscow (Rio Mall), Saint-Petersburg (Planeta Neptuna Mall), Voronezh (City-park Grad), Belgorod, Aktau.

If you wish to make your unusual ideas a reality and to turn your mall into a remarkable place of your city, we would be pleased to help you! For more information, please contact us. Thank you for your attention! We are looking forward to working with your company.


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