An important feature of our company is the constant desire to improve our experience, to experiment, to seek and find creative solutions. One of such professional “finds” became a work on the composition consisting of fourteen vortex columns “Tornado”. These unusual objects are placed in the shopping and entertainment center “Vesna” in Moscow. The composition of the bright vortex columns is an impressive modification of the classical water-bubble columns. Tornado has a distinct advantage in comparison with analog because of more spectacular content and attractive appearance. Several such columns can transform public area of the restaurant, café, shopping center, hotel. A place which has such objects, becomes more presentable and attractive in the eyes of customers, visitors or potential buyers.

June 5, 2015

Presentation_Aquadem_2_etajThe concept of the oceanarium in Turkmenistan, the authorship of which belongs to the specialists of the company “Planeta Neptuna”, – is the first step to create a Grand scale project, area of which is more than 4 thousand square meters. The value of this oceanarium should be viewed not only from the point of view of commercial gain. The object is to perform an important entertainment, research and educational function. Visitors will have the opportunity to observe the behavior of animals in the environment close to the natural. Representatives of various biotopes in combination with the characteristic landscape elements of the underwater ecosystem magically effect on the audience. The experience of successful oceanariums shows that the flow of visitors to such places never reduces. On the contrary – the number of satisfied visitors who wants to get pleasure from communication with underwater world, is constantly growing.

April 1, 2015

koncepcija-okeanariuma-na-vvc-versija-4-300x204The company «Planeta Neptuna» is the author of the idea and the first conception of oceanarium at the exhibition centre in Moscow. Oceanography and paleontology Park «RUSSIAN SEA WORLD IN MOSCOW» is a unique conceptual project, that was planed to be realized at a location of the pavilion 21 “Gas industry” and 24 pavilion “Shipbuilding” of all-Russian Exhibition Centre.

We want not just demonstrate you a result of our work and grandness of the project Oceanarium on the area of agricultural exhibition ENEA. We offer more — to touch the creative process of creating Oceanographic giant. You will learn the stages of the development of the concept. With every new variant project became more perfect — new constructive elements were added, the functionality of the main areas was improved. The result exceeded all expectations — it was the start of a large-scale project, the concept which is perfected to the smallest detail, which is unique in the world.

March 10, 2015

Oceanarium “Poseidon” is an imposing modern building, combining glass, concrete and steel in fascinating high-tech style. At first glance, an appearance of the building demonstrates that the most interesting things await the visitor inside. A lot of positive emotions, water performance and relax in a cozy restaurant with magnificent sight of the ocean depths await the guests. At the entrance visitors will see a dressing room and a few shops with the souvenirs. Here is the entrance to the restaurant, which will be described a little later. In the center of the hall there is a relatively small aquarium with tropical fish. He acts as a kind of appetizer before the main course, which will meet guests while traveling through the underwater labyrinth.

October 3, 2014

 Glazing of the aquarium was made using triplex tempered glass, the thickness of which was estimated based on loads. Segmented triplex glass was installed in the previously prepared fiberglass frame. To be sure that the aquarium will serve a long time (glasses can be worn as the visitors walk on it), specialists of the “Planeta Neptuna” Company technique applied the technology with cover glasses. The cover glasses were installed on top of the main triplex glazing, exactly repeating the size and shape of the segments. This solution allows to replace the worn surface of the cover glass without disturbing the primary glazing. The glass area of the aquarium in the floor was 26 sqm.

September 29, 2014

Bionikle_CoralFlex_mainThe first stage was professional examination of the concrete and the geometry of the openings for glazing. The engineering Department of «The Planeta Neptuna Company» have made the project work on the installation and sealing of the panels based on this information. The works included the development of connections and attachment points, the development of the plan of works. The special attention was paid to the calculation of the thickness of the panels. The matter is the right calculations guarantee the long term operation of the panels without leaks, deformation and also the safety of the inhabitants of the aquaterrarium, terrariums, enclosure and, of course, the visitors of the zoo.

September 16, 2014

akvarium-v-trc-2Large-scale aquarium in the shopping center is not only a wonderful opportunity to create a cozy and harmonious atmosphere, but also a guarantee of instant improve of the image and attractiveness of the shopping center for the visitors. The specialists of the «Planeta Neptuna» Company have created the concept of recreation areas and public-business zone in the Moscow shopping center “Gagarinsky”. There are several variants of designing the center with the help of aquariums of various types and bubble panels.

July 12, 2014

ekzotarium-rio-sankt-peterburg-26Самый ответственный этап строительства экзотариума – проектирование и монтаж конструктивной части вольеров, включая остекление. Обитатели экзотического зоопарка требуют особых условий содержания. Для обеспечения жизнедеятельности таких животных вольеры должны быть хорошо декорированы, правильно зонированы и оборудованы соответствующими коммуникациями. Специалисты компании «Планета Нептуна» выполнили широкий спектр работ в экзотариуме ТРЦ «РИО» – монтаж электрических коммуникаций, проектирование системы вентиляции, остекление вольеров, декорирование помещений и вольеров. Мы имеем многолетний опыт строительства зоопарков и экзотариумов, используем в работе авторские методики и технологии оптимизации условий пребывания животных в искусственной среде.

March 29, 2014


The white ceilings and monotonous walls are already uninteresting and everyone wants something new and unusual in interior design. Someone wants to see unusual shapes, other dreams of nonstandard materials, other wants a certain texture and color. And it is not surprise. People get bored of blinds and fluorescent lights in office, they are tired to look at plastic, metal and glass at home. But there is a simple solution. What can offer our construction company «Planeta Neptuna»?

March 12, 2014

РИО_Экзотариум_00The company “Planeta Neptuna” executes works on the glazing for the shopping center “RIO” not the first time. But this time was spent the glassing of the enclosures in the exotarium. That were those places where exotic animals from all over the world will be collected.

Before proceeding to the main types of works, our specialists carried out the necessary preparatory moments. They have cleared a rabbet from the cement crumbs, construction debris and remnants of welding.

February 14, 2014

rio_montag_mainRecently transparent tunnels have become an integral part in new oceanariums. Rio Oceanarium in Moscow on the Dmitrov highway is a good illustration of that. In august 2013 a huge acrylic tunnel was constructed there: it has a complex shape, 19.5 meters long and 3 metres wide. The tunnel was designed and constructed by Planeta Neptuna Company. Acryl is the most suitable material for objects of such shape and size. Acryl is the only material that is easy to model and configurate, and practical to operate, because unlike glass it is noted for its resistance to breakage, and elasticity. Moreover, it is easily buffed, when having being scratched. To construct the tunnel for Rio Oceanarium we used German-made acrylic glass Plexiglas GS, which has already gave a good account of itself in such construction projects . . .

December 11, 2013

rio_construct_mainThe first and currently the only oceanarium in Moscow opened in 2011. The object became so popular that in a year Planeta Neptuna Company started to design the second stage of the project – a large transparent acrylic tunnel, which for many years would be home for marine predators, such as sharks, and stingrays for large families and fish.  Visitors now have the opportunity to attend the underwater kingdom and observe the life of the oceanarium inhabitants from the inside. This allows everyone to experience unforgettable moments that were previously available only for divers.The acrylic tunnel differs in its size and shape complexity, it is 19.5 m long and 2.3 m high. It withstands water volume of 92 260 liters. Being produced from high-quality German acryl, the tunnel has high impact resistance, which is of great importance for such a public building . . .

December 10, 2013

RussianOcean-post-thumbOceanarium is not necessarily built as a greenfield project, from scratch. It can be situated on the ground floor of an existing building: a former parking lot, basement, etc. This helps to reduce the expenses for building and construction work. Such arrangement will make the whole complex recognizable and will increase cost-effectiveness of all operating areas of the building. The observed project proposed by Planeta Neptuna Company is optimal for shopping and leisure centers, serving a purpose of an anchor object. The concept of Russian Ocean Oceanarium also includes informative function. Such an object attracts tourists, creating the leisure faculties, as well as represents scientific and educational center. The main idea of Russian Ocean exposition consists in providing information about the waters that sweep the coasts of Russia. Visitors will be able to get a lot of interesting. . .

October 28, 2013


Jellyfish are very spectacular marine inhabitants with fantastic shapes that were formed due to the peculiarities of locomotion and nutrition. The common desire of designers to decorate interiors of restaurants, clubs, VIP and Spa areas by means of the tanks with jellyfish created demand for special aquariums to keep these animals in, since regular aquariums are not suitable for this purpose.ВThe whole point is most of the umbrella mass is a gelatinous material — the jelly – containing 95% of water. Jellyfish have no skeleton or dense protective skin, which makes these organisms very vulnerable. That’s why any object touching their umbrella-shaped bells, as well as air bubbles trapped under their tissue will severely damage the delicate bodies. The same result can also be provided by vigorous water agitation. Due to these peculiarities of body structure, it was impossible to keep jellyfish in aquariums of regular shape and with traditional filtration system . . .

April 23, 2013

oceanarium1500_mainOceanarium is a successful combination of recreational, entertaining and cognitive complex, where people can get acquainted with the underwater world. It is of great importance that oceanariums, except for the above-mentioned functions, are also research and education institutions. From a commercial point of view it is more advantageous to create a relatively small oceanarium in a shopping and entertainment centre. Nowadays a mall without an entertaining component is not competitive, because such objects are considered  non-conceptual. As a result, potential tenants are not numerous. When developing the concept of a future project, developers render some about 15 to 30% of the area exclusively for entertainment. The entertainment component increases sale proceeds as well as anchor tenant does, so it is recommended for every large store . . .

April 21, 2013

cube_img The TV show “The Cube” first aired on Russian television on 30 March 2013. It is a game show, which is based on the same-name world-famous British project. The games take place inside the Cube, which makes the show unique. Contestants are set a task to complete, which can involve testing their agility, mental ability and response.  The Cube is a huge glass construction that is situated in the middle of the TV compound so that it is well visible from every side and corner. The show demonstrates that even straightforward tasks become extremely challenging and difficult, when confined and put under pressure in front of a large live studio audience. Contestants in the Cube can feel both claustrophobic and disorientated. The show aims to display the intense anxiety, which participants undergo as they progress through each task. The Cube is not just a decoration, it is a real thinking and talking opponent, who gives a task and makes an assessment of the player; it is the Cube that contestants have to fight with for the top prize of three million rubles. . . .

March 29, 2013

Oceanarium_Lobby-02An oceanarium in Crocus City represents an up-to-date building performed in the style of deconstructivism. Visual complexity, unexpected curves and non-rectilinear shapes, which appear to distort and dislocate elements of architecture, emphasize its futuristic peculiarity that meets modern trends in architecture. The oceanarium is located quite compactly in the mall;   its area comprises aquariums with crocodiles, arapaimas, the main aquarium with sharks, which participate in the everyday shows, a restaurant in the style of a sunken ship and expositions of various representatives of underwater depths. Special attention should be paid to the tunnel that goes along the main aquarium, since it is supposed to be the longest in the world. The entrance area begins with a cloak-room, comfortably placed under the stairs. The first stop point within a tour over the oceanarium is an aquarium with alligators; it denotes that the range of marine inhabitants is promising, rich and various . . .

February 5, 2013

IMG_7932Nowadays, decorative waterfalls established themselves as a leading choice in the interiors of housing accommodations, commercial and public buildings. An artificial waterfall gives a special zest to the environment that makes communication informal and relaxed, and creates an impression of comfort. A striking example of a waterfall as an interior element was a construction project, realized by Planeta Neptuna Company in the new terminal “A” at the Vnukovo airport in Moscow. Given that the terminal capacity equals 30 million people a year, one can easily imagine the amount of people that will be able to admire the architectural design and magnificent implementation of the waterfallю The waterfall is made of acrylic, which has excellent optical properties, high resistance to UV radiation and good quality of glossy surface. One acrylic composition consists of several elements in the structural implementation. Under the acrylic panels there is illumination installed, due to which the waterfall reflects different colors . . .

January 21, 2013

Nowadays, oceanariums have become an integral part of presentable shopping and entertaining centers. There are oceanariums in such world-known malls as Dubai Mall or Morocco Mall. Why waste time, building a detached oceanarium, when it is possible to save some space and resources and get more benefit in a shorter period of time. Planeta Neptuna Company is willing to offer a unique project of an oceanarium, which will become the highlight of a shopping and entertainment center, and the visitors coming here to visit the oceanarium will also attend outlets and other establishments of the mall. The front of an oceanarium is its calling card; therefore, it has to be colourful and attractive. You do not have to be afraid of creating a pompous and ostentatious look, since it will meet the expectations in the end. The first variant presupposes that the front is in the shape of a mirror-like wave . . .

January 19, 2013


The idea was to use the local natural landscape in the way to save the atmosphere of nature, to be limited by a simple forms, but create a sense of harmony among vacationers. The author of this unique project is a well-known Serbian company “Energoprojekt-Visokogradnya SA”, which gave the concept to our company LLC “Planeta Neptuna.”

Such a complex engineering solution was bringing to the life. The hotel has 11 floors at the height, seven of which are directly in the steep rock. This solution allows you to see from the sea side: seven floors of the hotel make off to sea (actually down a steep rock), and above them are built neatly another four floors.

January 18, 2013

124Our company follows the latest trends in the field of underwater glazing and goes “with the time” confidently, using innovative technologies, developing bold and unique designs. We are trying to go beyond the standards and restrictions, while using high quality materials and keeping all the rules. The acrylic cylindrical pool is a vivid example of this. Our company has developed this project and brought it to reality in November 2012 commissioned by the film company “Magnum” for the movie (the working title “The Star”). The composition structure includes: a cylindrical acrylic pool, a pole and a podium. The total construction height is 195 cm, the total weight is 13 tons.

January 18, 2013

Nowadays perhaps no one of the large and prosperous cities is not complete without the oceanarium. They become the hallmark and the main proof of development and investment capabilities. Without exaggeration the oceanarium will become the center of a congestion of tourists and locals, and as a consequence – large profits. The company “Planeta Neptuna” is ready to build an oceanarium “turnkey” of any scale, starting from sketch and ending with a ceremonial cutting of a ribbon at the opening. We offer to your attention a detached oceanarium whose distinctive feature is the three tunnels. Experienced technicians thought out all the details of life-support systems and competent placement of exposures for better serving and visiting the oceanarium…

January 17, 2013

okeanarium_voronezhOur specialists have developed a unique system of chemical bonding of acrylic panels – this technology was successfully applied for the first time in Russia, and afterwards fully proved its high efficiency. Cylindrical tunnel structures were installed by two-support method, thus cylindrical acrylic sections were chemically spliced between each other in the edges. Such technology have permited to create durable and reliable acrylic tunnels with absolutely tight and almost invisible seams. A great Voronezh Oceanarium works already several years, and all this time acrylic sheets stay in perfect condition. The weak point of aquarium glazing is opened waterline, especially for acrylic sheets. An area with high gathering of feed is rather exposed to the risk of scratching. For several years the staff of the oceanarium care properly for acrylic panels. And the result met the expactations — even on the most troublesome areas with the account of intensive exploitation glazing has been preserved in excellent condition.

December 16, 2012


The Oceanarium is the perfect place where you can immerse in the vastness of the ocean and feel the mysterious atmosphere of the underwater depths. Sometimes, it’s hard to believe that the construction of the Oceanarium is not the magic of the magician, it is a result of human activities. So, it is not so easy to select and train highly qualified professionals. After all, the quality of construction and the launch of the oceanarium rest on their shoulders. If you are looking for someone who will be able to engage in the construction of the aquarium or you have already a few candidates, but can’t make a choice, you should visit the “Aqua gallery” in Yekaterinburg, which is developed by specialists of the company “Planeta Neptuna”.

October 22, 2012



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