Performance of service

Maintaining biotic balance and stability of oceanarium aquatic world

Automation for mega-aquariums and oceanariums

The «Planeta Neptuna» Company offers the services of the dispatching and automation of the large aquariums and oceanariums. The automation is using for the complicated devices which allow to provide the production processes without human intervention, but under his control. The automation allows to spend less time on control of the production process, reduce the number of maintenance personnel, equipment, with the aim of improving the reliability and durability of machines, raw material savings. Also it improves working conditions and increases safety. The dispatching control is a monitoring and process control of a systems. It is happening in real time that allows to adjust the parameters of the equipment….

Diving service

Particular features of cleaning aquariums, feeding predators and other inhabitants with the help of a diving service.

Divers team, the so-called “scuba divers”, clean the soil and decorations; remove the biowaste left by sharks, stingrays, fish; inspect surfaces and adjoining of acrylic panels to concrete structures as well as perform the underwater maintenance and repair works. For deep diving an armour is required, but for diving in an oceanarium a SCUBA Aqualung and a diving suit are enough. Aquariums are served only by the specialists of a diving service, which submerge and use autonomous diving equipment …



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