Designing oceanariums

Interactive and spectacular oceanarium projects and the main concepts

Oceanarium as a part of a shopping mall

Projects, conceptions, advantages and commercial abilities of oceanariums at shopping malls.

Well thought-out and designed amusements attract considerable steady stream of customers that is of great benefit for any shopping and entertainment center. That is why Planeta Neptuna Company is willing to offer you an original method of leisure industry development in malls: designing and building different types of oceanariums.In our age of constantly evolving technology and unique designs, Planeta Neptuna Company is proud to propose interesting projects of oceanariums, mini-oceanariums, aquariums (aquarial groups), mega-aquariums that are likely to become a peculiar feature and advantage of your shopping mall and become profitable, attracting more customers. The idea is to make the oceanarium “an anchor” – an object that attracts most of the customers. The advertising campaign of a mall can be associated with the oceanarium and become one of the most recognizable at the country level. . . .

Separate oceanariums

Designing, conceptions, planning, structure, uniqueness and commercial attractiveness of a separate oceanarium.

A separate oceanarium is an interesting, unique, interactive, grand and spectacular establishment. Apart from its main commercial goal and recreational-entertaining role, an oceanarium performs scientific-research functions, reveals educational knowledge about world environmental balance and the ways to maintain it. It will be informative fot the visitors, showing the wonderful life of underwater creatures. We propose to have a look at the structure of an oceanarium for you to visualize it. This object is divided into particular areas: entrance area, thematical areas, commercial area, show area, research laboratory, quarantine area and central area that presupposes the main aquarium . . .

Quick-mounting oceanariums

Design concept and implementation peculiarities of quick-mounting oceanariums..

Planeta Neptuna Company is willing to offer you the unique project – quick-mounting oceanarium “The Gulf Stream”. It represents an entertainment centre with many huge, mostly aquarial, marine displays.
The main characteristic of the erection is using quick-mounting metal work in order to avoid wasting time and money while building. Such special constructions, light in weight, enable bulding with no loss in quality and within minimal period of time. By means of using this construct,  it is possible to build an oceanarium within one year. Implementing galvanized siding provides considerable lightness of the construction material that makes assembling easier and helps to complete the building faster. Quick-mounting buildings are of good quality and longevity. Metal structures make the premise almost indestructable in case of rough weather. . .

Oceanarium as a part of a cafe, a hotel or a restaurant

Projects, conceptions and advantages of oceanariums in hotels, bars and restaurants.

With the help of Plexiglass material, that Planeta Neptuna Company widely uses, you can materialize such projects as oceanarium-hotel, oceanarium-restaurant or oceanarium-bar and create an illusion of staying under the water.  Oceanarium-hotel is going to be popular not only in your city or region, but also all around your country and foreing states, attracting visitors from everywhere.
Oceanarium-restaurant (oceanarium-cafe, oceanarium-bar) will be a prestigious and special place to celebrate holidays: birthday parties, engagements, weddings, office parties and others. Different shows can be also held there such as Mermaid Show or New Year Underwater Show. Any of the proposed projects will draw attention of the press, advertising companies, photostudios and that is also the prospective of promotion and additional income for your business . . .



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