Construction of oceanariums

Basic engineering and technological concepts of aquariums and oceanariums, implementing  innovations of underwater glazing. Peculiarities of acrylic constructions, preparation of surfaces to sealing and other related information.

Installation of acrylic panels and tunnels

Specific features of underwater glazing: installation of acrylic panels and tunnels.

Underwater glazing, erecting and equipping oceanariums, dolphinariums and all sorts of aquatic systems are executed by only a few specialized companies. And we are proud that the Planeta Neptuna Company is one of them.
We are able to develop and implement projects of any complexity: constructing and equipping new aquariums and dolphinariums; managing improvement or expansion of old ones; glazing of swimming pools and designing SPA-centers, wellness areas; producting aquariums of different sizes, shapes and configurations; we can perform the implementation of any incredible design idea. If you are planning to realize a new project with the help of our company, you should make an application specifying exact parameters of the area that is to be glazed (size, shape, preliminary drawings). . . .

Life support system

Oceanarium maintenance is simple and easy with our help. Secrets of technologies and equipment for long-term work.

Oceanarium represents a complex live system, in which various biological processes occur. The main role in long and uninterrupted functioning of an oceanarium is played by professionally installed system of life support. While it is a complex and time-consuming process for a beginner-aquarian, Planeta Neptuna Company can easily manage this task that is possible due to great experience acquired during many years of work in this direction.
Life support system is the heart and lungs of the oceanarium. It includes a system of enrichment water with various trace constituents, electric energy distribution system, aeration system, controlling systems, etc. When constructing any aquarium or oceanarium by Planeta Neptuna team, the following parameters are calculated by our experts: the ratio of the aquarium tank volume, biomass (the amount of living organisms), populated in aquariums, and types of aquariums (marine or freshwater). . . .

Reinforced concrete pool basins and waterproofing

Technical features of concrete pool basins construction and benefits of polyurethane waterproofing.

Pool basins are designed for particular fish, reptiles, mammals that predetermine the shape and dimensions, imitating the natural surrounding. The application of ferroconcrete technologies provides the illusion of shapeless and blurring form of the pool (that reminds the typical water look in natural environment). This very feature allows for scope for imagination regarding arrangement of space around the pool, placement of flora, Alpine rock gardens, cliffs and so on. Such material as reinforced concrete can impart very graceful lines and subtle curves to the basin. The process of controlling the bearing capacity of soil and base load-bearing capacity is of great importance; it guarantees avoiding any possible building subsidence in future.  Therefore, it is necessary to observe the basic rule: the bearing capacity of foundation has to correspond to the loads that will be applied in the process of subsequent operation of the construction . . .

Artificial decorations for aquariums

Stylized design and decorating of oceanariums and aquariums by means of polyurethane and polymer-concrete decorations.

When developing decoration design, the focus is on the compatibility of the internal decor of aquarium with the whole interior appearance of premises. Oceanarium interior are largely represented as “external appearance within interior appearance”. This technique is used to simulate the natural habitat for aquarium animals and to create the desired images in order to please visitors, so all details should supplement each other.
Creative, enhancing visual perception, practical elements of artificial aquarium decorations are produced in the most realistic way that creates the illusion of actual presence.  A wide range of decorations in aquarium can cover a variety of compositions . . .



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