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The businessidea of the construction of the Oceanarium

stroitelstvo-okeanariuma-18The modern entertainment industry  developes with incredible speed. In an endless stream of new projects, ideas and concepts apart is the construction of aquariums. Leaders in the number of such facilities are the United States, Australia, Japan, England, Italy. Massive aquariums  werebuilt in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Voronezh, Sochi, Krasnodar, Vladivostok, Murmansk and other cities of the country. Opening the Oceanarium complex is an event of regional significance, a striking testimony of the success and prosperity of the city.

Features of oceanariums business

The Oceanarium is a large-scale project, a complex self-sufficient system, whole organism, was created in order to bring profit to the investors and the delight of mankind. Today these institutions are becoming more attractive to investors. It is a lucrative, profitable and promising business that is just gaining momentum in our country, that’s why every  built Oceanarium complexes is apart from the competition. These items are crazy popular: people are attracted by the opportunity to touch the harmony of the underwater world. The stream of visitors does not cease. Quick payback provided the correct organization of business is guaranteed.

Leading role in project implementation should be entrusted to professionals with long experience in this field. Specialists of the company "The Planet of Neptune" will be your guide in the world Oceanarium business. For you we bring to life the best, a unique project of the Oceanarium. Try to figure out how to develop a successful oceanariums business in conditions of modern reality.

Where should we build the aquarium?


The Oceanarium complex can be built in the form of a detached building. Less expensive and more accessible option is building of the oceanarium of medium or mini sizes at the territory of trade and entertainment complex. The object is constructed in the existing building, allowing you to significantly reduce capital costs.

stroitelstvo-okeanariuma-23Merging the shopping center and oceanarium`s zone is a good marketing play: both of these objects, connecting each other, increase prestige and popularity. Such approach will benefit both institutions: the number of targeted visitors of the aquarium added and become bigger. Investment in the building of a relatively small Oceanarium zone based on the shopping center pay for themselves in 2-5 years. We need to say that the mini-aquariums can be placednot only in shopping malls, but also in zoos, restaurants and hotels.

The creation of the concept

Making the whole concept is a very important step, which largely depends on the future success of the enterprise. Share your ideas with our designers and architects and on the basis of your wishes we will create a grandiose concept and execute it the 3D visualization. Concept of the development includes the following stages:

  • development of key themes and General plot, the search for unique names;
  • development of the generalized floor plan, the definition of clickstreams of visitors, division of the object into zones;
  • detailed study of interior and exterior with reference to the General plot;
  • creation of the final concept after the final approval of the preliminary plan with the customerНачалоформы
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The structure of the oceanarium

A standard oceanarium is an area of several thousand square meters. The object is divided into themed areas, which represent animals from different parts of the world. On the basis of it can be placed additional "bonuses": the diving club, therapy with  the Dolphins, school of young naturalists, therapeutic recreation complex, a photo Studio, a cinema, a paleontological Park, underwater restaurant, swimming pool for the underwater ballet of the arena for aquatic animal shows, mini zoos, extreme attractions with sharks, all sorts of fantastic exposure. Developed infrastructure, restaurants, souvenir shops, recreational areas, Parking lots, unique architecture of the building and adjoining areas, ultra-modern interior design – all these factors are able to provide the oceanarium crazy popularity.

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The glazing of aquariums 

stroitelstvo-okeanariuma-10For glazing of  aquariumswe use high-strength acrylic panels. The technology of bending and gluing of acrylics enables to create glazing of any shape and size. The reliability of such constructions can be sure that the acrylic glass can withstand enormous loads with a large safety margin. The use of acrylic reduces the construction costs, to extend the period of reliable operation of the object and simplify its maintenance.

The acrylic construction of tunnels  

A mandatory attribute of a successful aquarium are arched tunnels. Inside the transparent acrylic designs people feel themselves part of the underwater world. Creates an effect of unity the man with nature,it  is the best technique, that helps to raise the popularity of the institution. The company " The Planet of Neptun" manufactures acrylic tunnels of any size and configuration. Our technologies allow to create high-strength, reliable, durable and safe design of transparent acrylic sheets. The organization of the process does not take much time – acrylic items are quickly delivered to the building site and assembled by our specialists in the shortest possible terms.

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Internally the decoration of the aquariumе 

For decoration aquarium artificial plastic applied decoration – realistic, completely safe and durable. This solution allows to simplify the process of maintenance of aquatic areas. Artificial decorations are at their best in operation – they do not rot, are not covered by the greenery, don't lose their color. And such naturalistic decor is simply amazing – artificial coral reefs, rocks and driftwood indistinguishable from the real thing. Practice of application of the composite of the decor used throughout – all modern aquariums are executed on this principle. Once investing in creating a decorative background, you will remember the necessity of upgrade or replacement for many years.

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The organization of scientific-educational base

A very important component of success of Oceanarium complex – is to ensure its scientific and educational functions. In addition to recreational activities, the facility should benefit people. For this site it is possible to organize a school for young fans of the underwater world, to open a research laboratory, to create a rich excursion program. Professional approach to the creation of scientific-educational base will enhance the prestige of the institution and increases its popularity.

Construction of technical rooms

stroitelstvo-okeanariuma-21The structure of technical premises depends on the size of aquarium, type of systems, the characteristics of the temperature regulator and used filtration equipment, aquariums (marine, freshwater), method of purification, characteristics of automated control.

Technical support is a complex system consisting of many nodes. With the right approach all equipment providing life support for aquariums, would work like a clock. The only condition is that the design, construction, testing and maintenance of the technical area must be dealt with by professionals. An important step in the construction of the Oceanarium is the construction of the quarantine compartment – habitat "backing" fish.

The sources of income. The payback period 

We talked a lot about costs – now we will talk about what financial benefits you can get. The main source of income are ticket sales. Except entrance fees, there are many important sources of income. Dinners in restaurants, swimming with dolphins, underwater special show programs, excursions, photo services, diving, watching films – all theseare for guests, charmed by the magic of the underwater world that will gladly pay a lot of money. For example: the Oceanarium with the area of 1,5 thousand square meters on the basis of the SEC welcomes about 600 thousand inhabitants in a year. Term of payback of the aquarium described in this example, will be about 2-3 years.

How to implement a business idea of opening a aquarium?

The company "The Planet of Neptune" has powerful technological resources to implement a full complex of works on construction of the Oceanarium. We work from scratch - from concept development to opening and maintenance of the complex. Issues arising at various stages, organized by qualified specialists.Начало формы

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Search ideas, presentation visualization of the project, design and architecture, engineering solutions, material supply, construction and installation works, decoration of aquariums, the organization of life support systems, water treatment, selection and settlement of aquatic organisms, the start-up and routine maintenance, staff training – all of these tasks we undertake. All that is required from you – just contact our Manager and tell her what kind of aquarium do you want. We do the rest!


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